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Medical Foot Care

An emollient footbath followed by nail care, removal of calluses and treating any corns, skin cracking and ingrown toenails. Measures foot and nail fungus. Ends with a relaxing foot massage.
Spa and Foot Massage

A nice treat for your feet. Softening and relaxing footbath. Exfoliation that stimulates cell renewal.
A mineralrit mud pack which improves skin condition. In conclusion, a lovely foot massage.
Foot and Leg Massage

Relieves swollen legs and tired feet. Also good for restless legs syndrome. A foot bath softens and subsequent massage increases circulation. Dress preferably in loose-fitting clothes because massaging up to the knee.

Medical Foot Care

Spa and Foot Massage

Foot and Leg Massage
Åsa Footcare also offers:.

Medisox stockings
Prevents including swollen legs / feet and varicose veins. Available in versions Trend and Travel.

An ankle sock primarily for rheumatism and diabetes. It has a nice shaft that does not produce pressure. The sock is knitted up and therefore has no cuffs.

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Åsas Medicinska Fotvård
Torremarina, Calle Diana esq Calle Triton
(Beside the florist shop)
Torrevieja (Alicante)
Tel: 0034-681 612 707

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Lunch       12.00 - 13.00
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